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Mamamya Therapy Centre is a Professional therapy centre based on Traditional Chinese medicine. It has been used for centuries in China, where herbs and therapeutic techniques are fundamental for the cure and treatment of many acute and chronic conditions.

Unlike the plethora of Spas and Retreats that have mushroomed around us, we are here to offer Timeless Wisdom, deeply rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our uniqueness lies in our holistic approach to acute and chronic medical conditions. Our therapists are trained practitioners of various Chinese medical techniques which fundamentally focuses on restoring inner balance, bringing holistic and integral wellness and not just giving symptomatic relief. Chinese medicine describes health and disease in relation to principles governing the whole natural world, using concepts such as energy, flow and balance. Health is seen as a state of harmony and balance. This is not a static state but a dynamic one, involving continual movement and change. When we lose our ability to move with the flow of life, disease arises.

In today’s day and age, we are opening our eyes to new healing methods and traditional therapy, we are also learning to accept the fact that modern medicine and pharmacy doesn’t have answers to all of our problems. Sometimes, it’s best to look into the past to learn a thing or two about the present and ourselves.

We Are Opening New Doors To Ushering In A New Age Of Holistic Healing And Wellness…