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Customised Treatment
One Size does not fit all. Similarly, requirement of every body is different. We at Mamamya strongly believe in this. During the consultation, detailed record of the patient is taken and shared with the experienced Medical Practitioner in China, who would be preparing the specialised medicinal oil for the treatment. The entire course of treatment would be designed and executed by the Chinese Medical Practitioner and the entire coordination will be done by Mamamya Therapy Centre.

A practice of Chinese medicine that predates acupuncture and translates directly to “scraping.”

This is a traditional and highly effective therapy of scraping and massaging away toxins, normally with a smooth-edged tool typically made from horn, yak bone, vacuum cups, or crystal along with medicated oil. The Therapist apply medium to heavy pressure while raking it across the skin in an attempt to increase blood flow and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Once the excess waste is gone, newer and healthier cells can be created.This technique can be used to treat and relieve pain, stiffness, nausea, fever and vomiting, impotence, urinary problems, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalances and various skin disorders, among other things. It is also effective in curing acute and chronic disorders of internal organs.

When this therapy is conducted, something called petechiae is released on the surface of the skin. Petechia are small red spots that appear on the skin. They are essentially a useful by-product that triggers the cleansing process of the treated area, eliminating dead blood cells and other similar toxins.

Cell nourishment occurs because petechiae actually produce more blood and oxygen to the area that is treated therefore nourishing dead cells. After a series of treatments are completed, the human body organically re energies and repairs itself, striking a wonderfully healthy inner balance.

If you’re wondering whether this therapy is painful or not, which is a legitimate concern, you’re up for a disappointment as it is almost impossible to provide a one size fits all type of answer to this question. This treatment can be unpleasant, mildly painful or hurt enough to make you want to stop the treatment. We are all different and our bodies are complicated, elaborate systems of nerves, organs, tissues and cells. Whether or not this type of treatment will hurt doesn’t just depend on your body, it also depends on which part of the body it is being treated, or what tools and oils are used to implement. The treatment feels like a sunburn for most patients, at the very worst, and LOOKS much worse than it feels. Plus after the treatment, you tend to feel pretty awesome. Give Yourself a Chance – Now is The Perfect Time for Healing.